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Jack Price is an acting teacher and director. He is the former Head of Screen Acting at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. He has taught acting with Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA), Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts and Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, where he has trained acting teachers and acting coaches.  

Jack is also a multi award-winning director who has written, directed, and produced for BBC and Channel Four television amonst others. He has directed for producers Ridley Scott and Kathleen Kennedy, and directed actors such as Idris Elba, Lenny Henry and Sir Ian Holm.

Actors Jack has trained;

Declan Spaine, currently playing Alexander Hamilton in Hamilton, Marissa Abela currently playing Amy Winehouse in Back to Black, Nathan Braniff, playing Tommy in Blue Lights on BBC One, Mecia Simson playing Francesca Findabair in The Witcher Season 3 on Netflix,  Ajani Cabey playing Hamnet in Hamnet, RSC, Garrick Theatre, London, Beau Holland playing Vespula in The Witcher Season 3 on Netflix, Ella-Rae Smith playing Queen Sareth in Foundation, Apple TV,  Éloïse Richmond in The Crown Season 6,  Netflix, Alexander Uzoka playing Dizzy in Drive Your Plow Over The Bones Of The Dead, Complicité, Harrie Hayes in Horrible Histories for CBBC, Rebecca Jade Hammond in Mrs Sidu Investigates for AMC, Tanvi Virmani recently played Rani and Pi in The Life Of Pi, Wyndhams Theatre, London, George Prentice in The Pendragon Cycle TV series and many more…


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"Studying with Jack Price has been the single most influential experience of my training as an actor. I have never been more excited about acting! If you get the opportunity to take a course with Jack Price, I urge you do it"

Harrie H

"Every session was an inspiration! I came away every week with a great sense of achievement and I found that travelling back home I'd always be in a great mood due to the sessions. I cannot recommend this course enough! It is one of the greatest things I have done and will help me in the industry! Thank you Jack!"

Dannan D

"I've gained a purpose from this course. The Japanese refer to it as the Ikigai. The marriage of passion, purpose and work. It has solidified my passion from previous experiences and paved the way for my future career. It has given me confidence in my abilities to enter working situations with an approach and confidence to deliver to the best of my abilities. Difficult to encapsulate in words without cliches. What I've gained from this course is a truthful and joyful future"

Philip B


“Great acting can be taught. I teach multiple techniques from the fundamentals to the most transformational character work.

I never had any intention had of teaching, I spent many years directing actors on films until I realised, like many filmmakers, I did not fully understand the process. I then trained as an actor and I visited teacher after teacher to discover the best work for screen acting. I now use all of the knowledge I gained as a director,  editor,  actor and teacher for the benefit of acting students.

I think my favourite teaching phrase maybe “You are enough ”. My job is to release an actor’s potential through technique. Everything you want to achieve as an actor is already inside you.”

" Jack's teaching drills deep into the heart of performance and gives clear parameters and guidance to create vulnerable and truthful performances ... Such important learning for me. Can't wait to start applying it and watch it grow from here"

Lilly C

“I can say with utter conviction that Jack has taught me more in 1 year than several institutions and teachers have in several! I genuinely feel that I have improved more as an actor since meeting Jack and I strongly believe that his advice and guidance is what has helped me get into drama school.”

Danny D

"My first session was unlike anything I had ever done before - none of the usual drama games, warm-ups or scene-devising exercises. Instead, acting was stripped back to the basics and I felt like I learned more about what 'acting' means in those two hours than in my previous 7 years of experience put together. Jack's teaching is clear, specific and practical, very different to fluffy teaching I have received elsewhere. It may be very different to what you're used to, but that's what makes it special; you can't improve your craft if you keep doing the same thing over and over."

Finn H

"Thank you for the effect that your course has had upon me. It showed me something in theatre that I hadn't seen before... It made it exciting again. I really will be forever grateful, it has since completely changed my attitude towards performance."

Jenny H

"Jack created a sense of trust and openness within the group which made a lot of space for feeling safe and trying everything out, with no judgement or fear of 'doing it wrong'."

Martha B

"I have learned a technique that I can apply to my work both on camera and on stage, and I am able to overcome obstacles I encounter by using specific skills I have been able to learn and practice. I have also received valuable advice about auditioning for roles/drama schools and how to navigate the film industry and get my work seen by the right people, which has given me confidence and experience that I doubt I would have otherwise. This means that since beginning the course, I've been able to get roles in various films and make contacts with other actors and filmmakers in the industry. Equally importantly - I've enjoyed every minute of it!"

Carl F


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